Food & Drink

Our menu is a blend of Indian spices and culture, from across the different regions of India. Our aim is to make our guests feel as good as if they had eaten food in India.

Since our chefs have travelled around different parts of the world, they have chosen the most popular Indian dishes for our new venue.

Our evening menu aims to serve traditional favorites such as Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogan josh, as well as some regional items from northern India. They include vegetarian specialties, kebabs, chutneys, flatbreads, and desserts.
Every dish on the menu is delicious and unique and is cooked using the freshest ingredients with the best cooking methods rather than using shortcuts.

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Please speak to our staff if you have an allergy & about the ingredients in your meal, before making your order. They will be able to help you choose items that are safe for you. We cannot serve you any food if you have a trace nut allergy as nuts are used in our premises and traces can be present in all our food.